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    SPARQ Capital is an investment partner for global family offices providing venture and growth stage capital to founders and entrepreneurs of technology based companies. Through its global network, SPARQ offers access to highly compelling and well- curated investment opportunities. Whenever required, SPARQ provides thorough due-diligence, structuring and management of the investments as well as operational support for the portfolio companies.

  • SPARQ Capital Management Team

    Donna NguyenPhuoc


    Based in Hong Kong, Donna is a prolific, well-respected investor and entrepreneur who has invested in and established successful enterprises across a diversified range of asset classes, including technology, art, real-estate, and luxury lifestyle.


    Before establishing and managing SPARQ Capital, Donna was the founder of independent art space Damina Gallery and fashion brand Damina. Her entrepreneurial journey into technology began at 19 when she founded her first company to trade high-precision test and measurement equipment.


    Donna has been actively involved in technology investments since 2011, and her experience since then has seen her develop into a known figure on the subject. She is a strategist who has helped various growth stage startups develop, refine and execute their business plans. Her passion lies with using her global professional and social network to connect people and enable them to maximise their potentials.


    Donna has also organised numerous important and exclusive events, both in Hong Kong and beyond. She was responsible for arranging a series of high profile functions involving the first ever visit of Sumo Champions from Japan to Hong Kong. The occasion was one of great cultural exchange and attracted much media and public attention.


    Donna is a supporter and benefactor of several charity organisations, primarily those that focus on children’s and animal welfare.


    Michael Bruck


    Michael has over thirty years of experience in technology management and investment in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, China, and Hong Kong.
    In addition to his role at SPARQ, Michael serves as a Senior Consultant for SRI International (the Stanford Research Institute) and their chief representative in Hong Kong. SRI is a world-renowned Silicon Valley based research lab, which has created innovations such as the first computer mouse and Siri (acquired by Apple).
    Previously, Michael was a founding partner and Managing Director of a China-focused Private Equity fund managing over US$260 million AUM.
    Prior to moving to Asia, Michael was a Managing Director of a New York based investment bank providing financial advisory and capital markets services to small-cap companies focused on technology, energy, and alternative fuels.
    Michael began his career at Intel Corporation, where he held a number of positions including Chief-of-Staff to the CEO and Founder Dr. Andrew S. Grove, and General Manager of Intel China. Among his accomplishments, Michael created the "WinTel" alliance between Intel and Microsoft
    Michael holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester.

  • SPARQ Capital's Investor Events

    Past Events

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    HealthTech Summit

    Mettā, Hong Kong

    As we all have have noticed, the technology transformation of one industry after another is accelerating exponentially. However, none has greater impact on our lives and wellness as the changes taking place the healthcare industry. Hence we all have keen interest in understanding the latest healthtech trends, and as to how these innovations are going to affect our lives and business.


    SPARQ put together a one-day summit presented by leading healthtech specialists from around the world. This assembly of highly qualified and experienced experts shared their in-depth knowledge and gave a glimpse of where healthtech is heading in the future, and how it creates unparalleled investment opportunities.


    Key Topics that were covered:

    • How medicine will be personalised and transformed through more accurate and timely diagnostics, new medical devices, precision robotic surgery, genetic sequencing and testing.
    • Where mobile, IoT and wearable deivces will transform patient engagement through e-Monitoring, e-Consultation, and  monitoring of chronic diseases, elderlies and children.
    • Improved and personalised services in hospitals, clinics, and access to doctors and specialists.
    • “Big data”, privacy, security and AI around patient records.
    • Genomics, stem cells and IVD.
    • Why food and nutrition will change through precision agriculture and meat replacement resulting in healthier foods and a more sustainable approach to creating food.
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    The New Age of Artificial Intelligence

    KPMG Conference Centre, Hong Kong

    What are the transformative technologies that will next change our world, systems and ways of doing things? As the oracles of Silicon Valley talk about what will drive the industry’s next growth surge, Artificial Intelligence is becoming one of the most discussed topics.

    With over 2 billion smartphones and other IT systems being used with increasing addiction every day data assets are being created, the raw material for AI, which has become one of the most exciting transformation and opportunities.
    SPARQ brought in world-leading experts to explore the upcoming challenges and investment opportunities provided by AI technology as well as its impact on the current social, economic and political order.

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